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Frog smiling with one eye open and one shut

Welcoming wildlife to your doorstep

Did you know that collectively our own outside spaces account for more of the UK’s green space than all our nature reserves combined?

Our gardens, yards and window boxes are undervalued…

Wheldrake Ings

Seasonal flooding and wetlands

Our wetland habitats depend on the seasonal ebb and flow of water. Working with this natural process brings wide-ranging and wonderful benefits - Vanessa Barlow, Living Landscapes Assistant for…

Farm pond

Looking after your winter pond

Winter is an ideal time to carry out any pond maintenance ready for next spring. Here are our top tips on what to do and how to do it to minimise wildlife disturbance and maximise habitat creation…

Fly agaric (c) Sally Henderson

Fungi foray

Autumn means fallen leaves, flamboyant colours, fresh cool air – and fungi! Here are some of the most brilliant and bizarre mushrooms to look out for on your next woodland walk.