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Fly agaric (c) Sally Henderson

Fungi foray

Autumn means fallen leaves, flamboyant colours, fresh cool air – and fungi! Here are some of the most brilliant and bizarre mushrooms to look out for on your next woodland walk.

Image of a pine marten © Mark Hamblin/2020VISION

Yorkshire's lost species

The results of our Great Yorkshire Creature Count has forced many of us to face up to the sad fact that much of our most beloved wildlife – that not so long ago would have been a common sight in…

Zebra spider (c) Jon Traill

Dancing zebras

Walking past the shed door, a flicker of movement caught my eye, the late afternoon sunshine illuminating the streaky brown paintwork and flaking woodwork

Bullhead © Jack Perks

The miller's thumb

Standing knee deep in a babbling brook, my eyes focussed through the ripples of water that surround me as I scan the gravel bed for signs of life.

Rosebay Willowherb (c) Vaughn Matthews

Weedy winners for your garden!

It has been drummed into so many of us that some plants are bad news – they’re unsightly, dangerous to other plants, and if you see any creeping into your garden you should immediately pull them…

Green woodpecker (c) Andrew Mason

Heard but rarely seen

If the wild view from your home is limited, how about trying to identify what you can hear?

In summer, wildlife in Yorkshire puts on a show for both the eyes and the ears!

Water shrew © Niall Benvie/2020VISION

A watery encounter

I am very lucky to be able to spend time in quiet, secluded locations where wildlife encounters occur. I always carry a camera and this often pays dividends when least expected.

Tufted ducks at sunset

Wintering ducks

Winter is the best time to celebrate the weird and wonderful world of Yorkshire ducks...

Starling murmuration at sunset

Our darling starling

Andy Dalton, Gateway Manager at Potteric Carr nature reserve, tells us why the humble starling is worthy of closer look…