Celebrate Valentine’s Day the wildlife way!

Flamborough Cliffs (c) Tim Hill

Our five favourite romantic ways to spend Valentine's Day...in the wild!

Valentine’s Day is just days away and if reading this made your heart skip a beat because you have yet to give it any thought, fear not! We’re here to help. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all four course meals and overpriced bouquets… There are plenty of romantic outdoor activities, even in the cold of February, that are perfect for wooing your Valentine.

Starling Murmation - Phil Selby

Starling Murmation (c) Phil Selby

Be wowed by a murmuration

There’s still time to watch the mesmerising patterns of thousands of starlings coming to home to roost - an unforgettable display known as a murmuration. Dusk is the best time to witness one, and there have been some particularly stunning displays spotted at our Potteric Carr nature reserve in Doncaster in recent weeks.

Spurn Lighthouse

Spurn Lighthouse (c) Jess Charlton

Climb a lighthouse

It’s a bit of a climb up this 128ft lighthouse (the tallest in Northern England), but the spectacular panoramic views of Yorkshire’s very own ‘Lands’ End’ are certainly a worthy reward! The newly restored Spurn Lighthouse sits within the heart of Spurn National Nature Reserve on Spurn Point, and can be reached via a scenic 3 ½ mile peninsula walk.

Grasshopper warbler credit Amy Lewis

Grasshopper Warbler (c) Amy Lewis

Hear the dawn chorus

This requires an early start, but is such a romantic experience if you can manage it. Set your alarms, pack a flask of hot coffee and head out to hear a chorus of songbirds defending their territory and calling to attract a mate. The sweet melody of dozens of different calls weaving together to create a songbird harmony is a truly lovely experience to share with your partner, and will get your Valentine’s Day off to the best start! Askham Bog nature reserve in York is a particularly good place to go to hear a wide variety of songbird calls.

Whitby Sunrise - Charlotte Ellis.

Whitby Sunrise (c) Charlotte Ellis.

Watch the sunset (or sunrise!)

The dramatic backdrop of Flamborough Cliffs makes this nature reserve the ideal place to watch the sunset, ideally hand-in-hand with your Valentine. More intrepid couples could proceed the activity with a spot of rockpooling and, if you’re visiting the weekend after Valentine’s, then why not pop by the Living Seas Centre for a cup of coffee or to purchase a nature-inspired gift to exchange in the fading dusk light?

For more information on these nature reserves and more, visit www.ywt.org.uk today.