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Credit: Maurice Gordon

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From spotting guides to a virtual tour, we’ve created a plethora of free downloadable resources to help you plan your next puffin-tastic adventure at Flamborough Cliffs nature reserve!

Our puffin mascot, Cliff doing a spot of bird watching at Flamborough's North Landing

Flamborough Cliffs: Self-guided Seabird Spotter

This handy sheet features our top tips for spotting seabirds at Yorkshire Wildlife Trust's Flamborough Cliffs nature reserve, featuring details of when and where to look and listen - as well as photographs of each species. Perfect for your next visit to the coast!

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Our puffin mascot, Cliff holding two handfuls of cuddly puffin toys at our Living Seas Centre at Flamborough South Landing

Flamborough Cliffs: Self-guided family fun

Our downloadable guide features tips and ideas for an adventurous day out at Yorkshire Wildlife Trust's Flamborough Cliffs nature reserve for all the family. From rockpooling down on the beach to standing on top of 100ft chalk cliffs looking out for wildlife above, below and out at sea. Capture your memories in the included postcard activity.

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Flamborough Cliffs (credit: George Stoyle)

(c) George Stoyle

Discover Yorkshire's seabird city

Brian Lavelle, one of our Living Landscape Managers, shares his top tips for exploring Flamborough Cliffs nature reserve (and his favourite place in Yorkshire), so you too can enjoy this seasonal highlight.

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Puffin Protector Pack

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