Who we are


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Who we are

Our work in Yorkshire

For over 70 years, we have been protecting Yorkshire's wildlife and wild places. We work across land and sea; from hills and valleys, to beaches and city streets. Wherever you are in Yorkshire, you're only approximately 20 miles from one of our nature reserves - wild havens on your doorstep where you can connect with nature.

Yorkshire needs a recovery of wildlife on land and sea and we do four main things:

Save wild places

We manage and restore over 100 nature reserves across Yorkshire and actively work to create new wild areas and wildlife corridors.

Save wildlife

We protect the incredible species that call Yorkshire home, by understanding what they need and creating spaces where they can flourish.

Connect people with nature

We inspire people, especially children, to experience wildlife, and enjoy it.

Protect the environment

We campaign to protect and restore Yorkshire’s irreplaceable natural heritage.

Now more than ever before, we need a society where nature matters. We inspire thousands of children, families and individuals every year; helping them to connect with their local wildlife through events and engagement programmes.