Our wild Yorkshire

Our Wild Yorkshire

Celebrating our nature reserves

Give wildlife a gift this Christmas

These are the places where nature is created….

Wherever you are in this glorious county of ours, there’s a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust nature reserve near you... Havens of wilderness right on your doorstep - where you can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

Every year, we spend over £1,000,000 protecting these very special wild places. Without public support, our nature reserves would start to disappear... 

Hare in snow

(c) Elliott Neep

Wild sanctuaries

The UK is one of the most nature-depleted nations in the world. Urbanisation and intensive agriculture are destroying the homes of Yorkshire's wildlife again and again. Nature reserves are a sanctuary for wildlife with nowhere else to go.

And we need them too. Research tells us that people who spend time out in nature feel better - both physically and mentally. These pockets of wilderness are a lifeline - places where you can discover, escape, reconnect and relax.

We need your support

For over 70 years, our nature reserves have been protecting Yorkshire’s wildlife.

There are more threats facing wildlife than ever before. We must fight harder than ever to make sure wildlife has a space in this world, and in our everyday lives. 

You can give Yorkshire's future the greatest gift! Help us to protect and restore our wild places and reconnect our landscapes. Support us today.

Give a gift to wildlife this Christmas

Together we can rejuvenate our wild places, restore our wildlife, and reconnect with nature and each other.
Without access to nature reserves I do not think I would have the affinity for nature I have now. To sit in a hide chatting about wildlife and asking questions is a great stimuli to learning and relaxation. The more time you spend surrounded by nature, the more you feel completely connected to it and utterly a part of it.
Rob, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust member

Be a Yorkshire hero

And give a gift to wildlife!

(c) Bob Coyle

Give Yorkshire’s future the greatest gift

This Christmas, we are asking the people of Yorkshire to come together and give a gift to wildlife. Yorkshire Wildlife Trust will need to do even more for our wildlife next year, to ensure that we all experience the gift of nature for Christmases to come.

Give Yorkshire’s future the greatest gift - help us to protect wildlife and reconnect our landscapes. Together we can rejuvenate our wild places, restore our wildlife, and reconnect with nature and each other.

Keep these wild places safe

Short Eared Owl (Asio flammeus) hunting at sunset UK - Andy Rouse/2020VISION

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