Caroline Flint MP visits unique wildlife site

Working towards a better connected landscape for wildlife

Caroline Flint MP for Don Valley in Doncaster visited our new Manor Farm site (directly east of Potteric Carr nature reserve) on Friday 16th November.

Thanks to tireless lobbying by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust staff nearly 10 years ago, we entered into a unique planning agreement with Persimmon housing developers - we would manage the public green space around the housing estate. This is the first time we've had this kind of agreement and means that those areas can now become part of a better connected landscape for wildlife.

This autumn we took over the management of the completed sections which include two fragments of ancient semi-natural woodland, a reed-fringed pond and a small area of heathland.

We will manage this amenity space to ensure local people can experience all the benefits that increased access to nature can provide. We will also work to demonstrate how green spaces can be havens for pollinators and corridors for amphibians and mammals to move and migrate.

Caroline Flint MP came to visit us on Friday 16th November. During her visit she met various members of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and learnt more about the importance of stronger legislation for wildlife.

Caroline Flint MP with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust employees at Manor Farm.

Caroline Flint MP with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust employees at Manor Farm.

She also planted three trees as part of The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy tree giveaway campaign. The trees were provided by the Woodland Trust’s lead corporate partner Sainsbury’s - since 2004 Sainsbury's have raised over £7 million to plant more than 3 million trees across the UK. The trees have become part of our nature recovery network at Manor Farm, providing a natural buffer next to one of Yorkshire’s biggest and best nature reserves at Potteric Carr.

Jay, who is on our Tomorrow’s Natural Leader's youth programme, says:

“Wildlife in Yorkshire, both on land and at sea, is in trouble. Over half of all British animals are in decline and this is largely due to habitat loss and climate change. Many of my favourite animals are suffering, including the graceful barn owl and the secretive water vole. Many schoolchildren have never even seen a hedgehog. Sites like Manor Farm will create havens for wildlife, and provide a natural corridor to other wild areas. This is crucial in helping wildlife to thrive'.