Alistair and Jonny Brownlee give peat a chance!

The Brownlee brothers lend their support to our latest appeal, helping to protect and restore the landscapes they grew up and train in.
Yorkshire is our training ground, Yorkshire is our home. Join us and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to Give Peat a Chance!
Alistair Brownlee and Jonny Brownlee
British triathletes

Alistair and Jonny Brownlee have an impressive array of achievements between them. They're British triathletes, Olympic medalists and world champions in triathlon.

But most importantly, they're brothers born and bred in Yorkshire. They grew up in West Yorkshire, attending school in Bradford and university in Leeds. And despite their huge successes, Ali and Jonny still live here today.

Yorkshire has been their training ground since the lads were young - cycling, running and swimming across truly iconic landscapes. Wild and rugged lands that have helped to shape the Yorkshire heroes we know so well today.

It comes as no surprise therefore to hear that the region's favourite brothers are supporting our appeal to Give Peat a Chance - helping us to restore Yorkshire's peatlands. Essential in the fight against climate change, a natural protection against flooding and home to precious wildlife, our peatlands are simply irreplaceable.

Everybody recognises these iconic landscapes for their beauty, yet what they do for us is little-known by most. Sadly, our peatlands have become damaged to the point of despair. They're dry, barren and rapidly disappearing before our eyes...

So join the Brownlees and help Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to restore our peatlands, so that they are healthy and thriving once more. Together we can secure the legacy of Yorkshire's magnificent landscapes for generations to come.

Be a Yorkshire hero and give peat a chance today.

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