Give Peat a Chance

Give Peat a Chance

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Credit: Gordon Haycock

Our last, great wild hope

For thousands of years, peatlands have stretched across Yorkshire. Our most ancient and iconic landscapes should be a mosaic of vibrant greens, reds and purples. Instead, they are a brown and broken wasteland.

We are at risk of losing them forever. So we need your help.

For the love of Yorkshire, give peat a chance!

A brown and broken wasteland

Aerial view of Fleet Moss.

Why do peatlands matter?

These are landscapes upon which our future depends...

  • They're intrinsically Yorkshire. No other landscapes can rival our peatlands for sheer 'Yorkshireness'.

  • Globally, peatlands are the largest store of carbon on land. The carbon locked in peat is estimated to be twice that stored in all the forests across the world.

  • They offer an important flood defence by slowing the flow of water down from the hills - reducing the risk of flooding further downstream.

  • They're home to iconic wildlife. Curlew, golden plover, common lizards and field voles all call the peatlands home.

Fund our vital work

We're already restoring over 30,000 hectares, but there's still a long way to go.

To ensure the survival of these vital and ancient habitats, £100,000 must be raised each year to put our team on the ground.

This spring, help us give peat a chance before it’s too late.

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We're running out of time

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Help us to spread the word about the importance of our peatlands.

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