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The Great Yorkshire Creature Count is a roaring success!

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The first ever Great Yorkshire Creature Count took place on Saturday 20 June and Sunday 21 June 2020. We challenged folk all across Yorkshire to record the wildlife in their window boxes, yards and gardens.

It was a roaring success, with over 13,000 observations and 1,400 species recorded during the weekend!

Our full results are available now! Discover the creatures we counted over the weekend in our report.

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Great Yorkshire Creature Count hero species

Your wild neighbours

We've put together some facts, inspiration and advice on six common visitors to our wild spaces! Meet your wild neighbours below...

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Creatures to spot from your wild space

Whether you have a window box or a winding garden, we've put together the wildlife you're most likely to spot from your wild space!

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Why were we counting?

Our gardens make up more of the UK’s green space than all the nature reserves combined. Covid-19 means we’ve become reacquainted with our own little wild patches. There are ‘good news’ stories about wildlife ‘making a comeback’ while we isolate inside.

But the truth is that we have an awfully long way to go before we can start to celebrate. The 2019 State of Nature Report (a health check of the UK's wildlife) documents how human impacts are driving huge changes in our wildlife numbers. Of the 8,418 species assessed, 15% are at risk of extinction.

By discovering how many species call our gardens, yards and window boxes their home, we can better support, protect and enhance Yorkshire's wildlife and wild places.