For current volunteers

For current volunteers

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All you need to know as a volunteer

We've collected all the information you need as a valued volunteer for Yorkshire Wildlife Trust on this page. You can also find our latest volunteer news and updates, and make sure you're subscribed to volunteer emails.

Volunteer handbook

All our volunteers will be sent a handbook when they register, but you can also download the handbook below. The handbook provides key information about volunteering with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and what you can expect.

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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Many of our existing volunteers have been welcomed back to their volunteering role and have returned to volunteer. However, we have not been able to restart all volunteers due to restrictions, office space and simply where some of our operations are either still suspended or limited.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your volunteer manager or the Volunteering Support Team, you can email us at and will do our very best to respond to you as quickly as possible

Volunteers on Clifton Beck

Practical conservation task days


We have had to make a few changes to how we run our practical conservation task days during Covid-19.

Good news is that now Covid-19 restrictions are easing we have heaps of Practical Conservation Task Days for you to get stuck into!

Getting started couldn't be easier - before attending a task day, you'll just need to pre-register and once we've received your registration form, we’ll put you in touch with the volunteer manager for the Task Day.




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Volunteer training programme

We have an extensive volunteer training programme that is open to all our active and registered volunteers and voluntary trainees. The training programme reflects the diversity of volunteer roles we have at Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and offers courses that will fulfil the training requirements you may need for certain roles, or to perhaps develop your skills further.  

The courses are free for our active and registered volunteers with the exception of First Aid and Outdoor Incident Management Courses, these courses are only available for volunteers or voluntary trainees that require the training for their role and where the cost of the course has been agreed with your volunteer manager.

The training courses can only be booked by active and registered volunteers. If you send us a booking enquiry please can you tell us your volunteer role, where you volunteer and who your volunteer manager is.

Please be aware that the courses listed are subject to change due to the covid- 19 pandemic. We will try to re-arrange any changes but this may not always to possible.

Volunteer training programme

Latest volunteer news and information