How to identify birdsong

How to identify birdsong

As the days get longer and warmer, the chorus of birdsong becomes louder. Open your windows early in the morning to hear a variety of calls and song - if you listen carefully, you'll begin to be able to tell them apart. We've put together some helpful tips to get you started!
Great tit birdsong ID: tea-cher tea-cher

Great tit

Listen out for 'tea-cher, tea-cher!'

Blackbird birdsong


Listen for unhurried, chatty and flute-like song

Chaffinch birdsong ID


Listen out for a sound like someone falling down the stairs with a 'diddieoo' at the end!

House martin birdsong ID

House martin

Listen out for a soft twitter!

Robin birdsong ID


Listen out for constantly changing notes with gaps, like 'twiddle-de-dee'

Tawny owl birdsong ID

Tawny owl

Listen out for 'hooooo, hooooo'

House sparrow birdsong ID

House sparrow

Listen out for little chirrups!