Clifton Beck

Improving Clifton Beck's Water

Clifton Beck, which runs through Brighouse and meets the River Calder, has been earmarked as a water body in need of improvement. This project aims to improve the beck's water quality and increase the amount and quality of physical space available for nature to thrive and for local people to enjoy. The project also provides opportunities for local people to play an important role in the beck's recovery.

Key Aims

Key aims include improving the condition of 64 hectares of habitat on three sites along Clifton Beck, training volunteers in practical environmental skills including surveying and monitoring. We will work with local land managers to raise awareness of sensitive land management practices and work with local primary school children to raise awareness about their local river and the problems it faces.

What we are doing

We undertake seasonal tasks throughout the year from tree planting and willow spiling to balsam pulling. By planting along the banks of the beck to create riparian buffer zones, we will restore and improve habitat for insects, birds, and native plants. We will also be installing bird and bat boxes to create new homes for wildlife.

To help monitor the water quality along Clifton Beck we will be monitoring riverfly populations at key sites. Riverfly are a group of pollution sensitive invertebrates so regular surveying allows us to monitor water quality in real time!

Throughout the project we will be running workshops and events to help the local community reconnect with the nature on their doorstep. We will also be engaging local landowners and visiting schools!

How you can help

If you would like to help us improve Clifton Beck's water then you can come along to our practical task days, community events, or join our riverfly surveyors! Email for more information.


Heritage Lottery Fund, CCRT, Environment Agency