River Torne

The River Torne

We are working to improve and protect the River Torne in parts of South Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. The River Torne is a vital collection of water bodies that provide drainage and flood protection for industry, agriculture, homes and businesses in this area.

Key Aims

  • Improve the water environment across the River Torne
  • Engage with stakeholders to provide education and raise awareness of the importance of effective water and water body management

What we are doing

Efforts are currently focussing on Natural Flood Management on the Papermill Dyke and around Tickhill. The project has received £60,000 funding over 4 years to deliver a suite of habitats that provide mutiple functions for biodiversity and flood management alike.


Environment Agency

How you can help

You can volunteer to help on practical work days or monitoring sites. For more information please contact Jamie McEwan at Jamie.mcewan@ywt.org.uk

River Torne Catchment Plan