Anston Brook and Oldcotes Dyke

Anston Brook and Oldcotes Dyke

A watercourse connecting to Anston Brook and Oldcoates Dyke Environment (ABODE) near Dinnington is being transformed.

Heavily modified rivers can take years to recover, but we are hoping to speed up that process with the aim of helping wildlife in the local area. We are transforming a straight, narrow and polluted section of Cramfit Brook, near Dinnington, in to a meandering, wildlife-rich watercourse.  The brook cuts through a magnesium limestone National Character Area (NCA), carrying water from Dinnington town to Anston Brook. High phosphate levels, likely from urban areas upstream, accelerate the growth of some plants, creating an imbalance in the habitat which has adverse effects on other plants and wildlife. 

Key Aims

Rivers are natural corridors and links in the landscape for wildlife. This puts the Anston brook and Oldcotes dyke perfectly within Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s vision for a connected, wildlife rich landscape in this area. 

Both water bodies are classified as having a moderate status although they are both failing for their physio-chemical quality elements - more specifically poor phosphate levels. Working with landowners and local communities this project will look for natural solutions to improving these waterbodies for water quality and wildlife in this urban and rural ABODE. 

What we are doing

Due for completion in late 2018, the project will restore the river channel that has been constrained through historical industrial use and reclaimed land, providing better habitat, more space for water and naturally treating the chemicals in the water.

We are creating otter holts to help this well loved mammal, and providing water advice & solutions for home owners. This advice engages local people in how to be more sustainable with their water use and prevent household pollution (such as that from car washing) from entering the river system.

At the heart of the project are the people of Dinnington and the surrounding area who are helping make this project with their volunteer support. 

How you can help

Get involved with the Dinnington Volunteer Force - contact for more information. 


Environment Agency, Veolia Enviornmental Trust