River Wiske Corridor

River Wiske Corridor

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is working in partnership with the Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water and local land owners to deliver much needed restoration work in the Wiske catchment near Northallerton, North Yorkshire. For more information on this work, join the Facebook group here.

Key aims

This project aims to prevent water pollution, provide habitats for wildlife and help to alleviate flooding by carrying out a series of capital works both to benefit the land owner and the riparian habitat (the interface between land and a river or stream).

What are we doing

We are working with private landowners in the River Wiske catchment to improve bankside habitats by fencing areas to reduce cattle poaching, creating cattle crossings, re-profiling sections of river bank and planting trees. Owl and bat boxes have also been erected.

Volunteers are playing a big part in the project and after training have surveyed almost the whole of the watercourse looking for field drains, choked areas of water, sediment run off and generally commenting on the general habitat within and around the river. From these surveys we can glean information to plan our future works.

How you can help

Phase 3 of this project has come to a close and we will be carrying out similar restoration work during the next stage of the River Wiske revival project later in 2018/19. We are also focusing on areas of the catchment where high metaldehyde concentrations have been recorded and preparing integrated pest management plans to try and minimise the potential effects of slug pellet use on the water environment.

If you are interested in finding out more and want to help please contact the volunteering team by emailing volunteer@ywt.org.uk or calling 01904 659570.


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