Doncaster Council declares climate and biodiversity emergency

A motion setting out ambitious targets putting biodiversity and sustainability at the heart of the Council's agenda has been unanimously supported by councillors.

We are delighted that Doncaster Council have today declared a climate and biodiversity emergency.

Councillors unanimously supported a motion calling for:

  • a new target and action plan for Doncaster Council to become carbon neutral
  • collaboration with partners, other local authorities and the Yorkshire region on carbon reduction projects to ensure the UK is able to deliver on its climate commitments
  • sustainability, biodiversity and carbon reduction to be put at the heart of this council’s agenda going forward supporting communities, business and individuals locally to make more sustainable choices
  • the Government to be lobbied to provide the resources and powers so that Doncaster can make its contribution to the UK’s Carbon Reduction targets
Climate change disrupts the seasons, our lives, and the lives of our unique and threatened wildlife that lives amongst us. Warmer, wetter winters, and seasons that start at different times as the climate warms, means more erratic weather and unreliable seasons. Our South Yorkshire wildlife, such as our fantastic bees, find it harder to nest and feed in these erratic weather conditions. One of the consequences of these changing conditions is a huge loss in biodiversity.
Michael, South Regional Manager

Reversing the decline of wildlife in South Yorkshire is vital, and Doncaster Council's declaration of a climate and biodiversity emergency is an important first step in that process.

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust are working incredibly hard alongside the council to create and restore wildlife habitats with natural resources. We will support the council in their work with local communities, business and individuals to make more sustainable choices.


The threat that climate change poses to our planet is significant and we cannot overlook that we all have a part to play in tackling it. That is why I am asking council to support key actions that will help our borough do what it can to reduce our carbon footprint and help us become a more sustainable place in which to live and work. The choices we make at work and home have impacts on our resources and natural environment and we need to recognise this and act. Young people amongst others have shown they want to see change and as a council, I believe, we need to have this thinking as part of our DNA and support this change for the better
Mayor Ros Jones