A climate and wildlife emergency

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has declared a climate and wildlife emergency – signalling the need for us to intensify our efforts to provide the vision and voice for wildlife across Yorkshire.

We will focus on using our knowledge and skills to deliver the environmental restoration and adaptation needed to enable wildlife and communities to respond to the increasing likelihood of climate chaos.

We will work on land we own and manage, to mitigate our climate impact and encourage others who are connected to the land and sea through partnerships and engagement activities to undertake their own ambitious transition.

Our ambitions:

  1. To work towards climate mitigation, by 2030 our operations will have become carbon neutral, ideally net positive.

  2. To work towards climate change adaptaton and ecological recovery, by 2030 Yorkshire’s nature recovery network will be identifed, designed and implemented by an alliance for nature across Yorkshire. This will deliver natural climate solutions with the aim of increasing wildlife populatons.