2 minute beach cleans up and down the Yorkshire coast!

2 minute beach clean

We have launched 12 new ‘2 minute beach clean’ stations to make picking up litter easier for everyone.

Marine pollution is one of the biggest threats to our oceans’ health; plastic is found almost everywhere, causing ingestion by or entanglement of marine wildlife. 20,000 tonnes of plastic are dumped in the North Sea each year.

Studies have shown that 98% of fulmars (grey and white seabirds related to the albatross) in the North Sea had plastics in their stomach, averaging a shocking 34 pieces per bird.

To try and combat the problem we have installed 12 new ‘2 minute beach clean’ stations at various locations up and down the Yorkshire coast. These A-frame boards have an outer holder for litter pickers and an integrated holder for bags, enabling members of the public to borrow the equipment and spend just 2 minutes beach cleaning whilst out and about.

We believe that if everyone can spend a short amount of time picking up litter, it will make a huge difference. Every piece of litter that is collected is one less piece that can strangle or be eaten by a variety of marine animals we find along the Yorkshire coast.

Each board is given to a ‘Guardian’ seafront business who puts it out and brings it in every day. The boards are currently with businesses in Whitby, Scarborough, Filey, Flamborough, Bridlington, Fraisthorpe and Spurn so keep your eyes peeled for them when you are next at the coast and get litter picking. Every bit helps!

We're so pleased that businesses are getting involved  and even offering tasty rewards as an incentive!

Locations are:

  1. Spurn Discovery Centre
  2. The Cow Shed Café - Fraisthorpe
  3. Richie’s café & bar - Bridlington South
  4. North Beach Fish and Chips – Bridlington North
  5. Living Seas Centre – Flamborough South
  6. North Landing Café/Caravele Bar – Flamborough North
  7. Royal Parade Café – Filey South
  8. Holdsworth Amusements – Filey North
  9. Fluid Concept Surf Shop – Scarborough South
  10. Dexters Surf Shop – Scarborough North