Explore the coast

Explore the coast yourself!

Discover Yorkshire's underwater world!

The Yorkshire coast is a special place to a variety of wildlife, including an underwater world within our rockpools, spectacular seabirds breeding on our cliffs and whales and dolphins being spotted offshore. We want to give you the tools and information to be able to explore these in your own time. 

We've put together three sections to help you discover Yorkshire's coast.

Get started with rockpooling 

 Things to do on your staycation 

Create your own rockpool at home!

This activity comes in three parts: 

1. Colouring sheets to print, trace or draw. Place them in your bath, shower or anywhere else at home that you can think of to create your very own underwater scene. 

2. Fun facts to help you learn about the weird and wonderful creatures that live beneath the waves in your rockpool. 

3. Go rockpooling! There are plenty of fantastic locations in Yorkshire including Flamborough (South Landing), Robin Hoods Bay and Runswick Bay


Colouring sheets


Download our marine colouring sheets and place them in your bath, shower or anywhere else you can think of to create your very own underwater world!

They can be printed off, drawn or traced from a tablet or phone. 


Hermit Crab

(c) Mark Thomas


Fun facts


Read the accompanying fun facts and learn about the animals and plants in your underwater creation. 

Let us know what your favourite fun facts are.

Boys rockpooling at Flamborough

(c) Matthew Roberts


Go rockpooling!


Now that you have learnt more about the amazing wildlife that lives in our rockpools, go and find them yourself. 

Download our seashore bingo sheet and see who can find the most!


Things to do during your 'staycation'!

If you are visiting the Yorkshire coast this summer, try the below... 


Go on your own 'seashore safari' and discover the weird and wonderful wildlife that live on our shores.

Whale and dolphin spotting

Learn the best ways to spot whales and dolphins off the Yorkshire coast.

Seabird spectacular

Discover Yorkshire's 'seabird city' at Flamborough Cliffs nature reserve! The puffins have already left but there is still plenty to see...