Great Yorkshire Creature Count

Great Yorkshire Creature Count

24 hours in search of the wildlife on our doorsteps!

What is it?

We completed the Great Yorkshire Creature Count from midday Saturday 19th until midday Sunday 20th June 2021!

We were on a mission to discover how many different wildlife species we could collectively record in 24 hours, and challenged folk in every corner of Yorkshire to record what they can see from their own doorsteps.

There's still time to submit your results online!

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How do I take part?

Taking part is as easy as 1, 2, 3... Spot it, count it, record it!

Taking place over 24 hours, you can join in for as long as you like - whether that’s 20 minutes or several hours. The Count begins at midday on Saturday, and runs right through the night to finish at midday on the Sunday.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a flat, a back-to-back, or a house with a garden, you can count wherever you are. No special knowledge or skills are required - we’ll provide you with everything you need to make it easy and fun.

Why are we counting?

Our gardens make up more of the UK’s green space than all the nature reserves combined. And the past year has shown us how much we need nature in our lives.

But nature needs our help. The 2019 State of Nature Report (a health check of the UK's wildlife) reports the devastating effects of human impact on our wildlife. Of the 8,418 species assessed, 15% are now at risk of extinction.

Together, let's discover and celebrate the wildlife species who call our gardens, yards and window boxes their home. Our collective counting will give us vital information about the natural state of Yorkshire, enabling us to better support, protect and enhance our wildlife and wild places.

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