Elias's case study

Elias's experience

Tomorrow's Natural Leader Elias explains what the programme meant to him.


I joined the TNL team at Stirley Community Farm after completing a college course in forestry, arboriculture and professional tree surgery. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to use my practical skills and learn about conservaton and farming more broadly. I have enjoyed every second working and meetng people on the farm as well as interacting with the farm animals.

One of the things I have enjoyed most is being involved in creating artificial otter holts as part of the Upper Aire project. I have since seen some signs of otter actvity including tracks and scat, which are proof that our hard work is successful.

I’ve been lucky to meet a fabulous bunch of like-minded people and make some amazing friends. My confidence has improved massively and I feel much more prepared for a future career in conservaton.

Elias TNL

Elias, TNL