Anthony's case study

Anthony's experience

Tomorrow's Natural Leader Anthony explains what the programme meant to him.


It’s six months into the TNL project and how the time has flown by! I am proud to have been involved with the conservaton grazing project, based at Appleton Mill Farm. It is a huge project, which demands the dedicaton and hard work of many people, both staff and volunteers.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my tme working on the farm. I have gained a tremendous amount from this programme. The Trust staff have been incredibly generous in devotng their tme to teaching and educatng the trainees on a variety of topics, like GIS and habitat surveying. We’ve also had practical training, including chainsaw use, fencing and dry stone walling. I feel everything I have learnt will be extremely valuable when it comes to fnding a job in the environmental sector.

I am about to begin my own self-led project that aims to involve children from Ryedale School in the creation of a wildlife friendly area on the school grounds. I will be using many of the skills I have gained from the first six months to achieve this; I can’t wait to get it up and running.