List of YWT Nature Reserves (A-Z)


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Learning at Pearson Park Wildlife Garden

Pond dipping at Pearson Park Wildlife Garden

We have an engaging and inspiring range of activities from Early Years and upwards to increase student's understanding of food growing, gardening, wildlife and the environment. All activities can be tailored to the requirements of your particular group and are linked to the National Curriculum.

Wildlife gardening

Students will learn the basics of wildlife gardening in a fun and interactive session that all ages will enjoy.

Habitats: Bugs and Slugs

During this hands-on session students will learn safe and fun way to look for mini-beasts without causing harm to them or their habitat.

Habitats: Skaters and Swimmers

This hands-on session is an exciting way for KS1 and 2 students to learn about the invertebrates and other organisms living within our freshwater ponds.

Natural Art

Artist Andy Goldsworthy makes beautiful pieces of art and sculpture from materials found in nature; during this session students are encouraged to do the same.

Nature Tales

Students are encouraged to write a story about their day and the adventures they have had on one of our sites. The story will be written or drawn in a handmade book, which students can take back to school.

Roots and Shoots

This session offers pupils from KS1 and 2 the chance to get up close and personal with plants as they grow.

Where am I?

In this session children will be introduced to map reading, legends, compass points and using a compass. We will also talk about what features are important in the setting we are in for wildlife and for humans.