2012 saw The Wildlife Trusts celebrate their 100th birthday!

The Wildlife Trust movement was orignally set up by Charles Rothschild. In May 1912, the year the Titanic sunk, Rothschild held a meeting to discuss his idea of saving places for nature - radical thinking at the time.

However in this time local conservation groups had begun to spring up, including a group in Norfolk in 1926, followed by our own Trust in 1946, then Lincolnshire in 1948. From the 1950s more and more groups developed and the Society took on the role of a national association to represent them. This, in effect, was the beginning of local Wildlife Trusts. Following the formation of the Scottish Wildlife Trust in 1964, the Trusts covered the whole of Britain, expanding yet further in 1978 when the Ulster Wildlife Trust formed. In total there are now 47 Wildlife Trusts covering the UK, the Isle of Man and Alderney. 

Our Wildlife Weekends

To celebrate our collective centenary, all of the Wildlife Trusts across the country held a series of 'Our Wildlife Weekends' throughout 2012. These collective events were a great success and are therefore going to be rolled out into the future as well. Keep an eye on our 'What's On' pages for dates.