Looking Back: Wild Went Water Voles Project

'Joined up' areas of suitable habitat are key to the survival of one of the most charismatic mammals on our waterways. We at the Wildlife Trust are working hard to ensure that they get it.

Re-wetting the Went

The Went Water Vole Project, a two year project funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund was officially launched in April 2010 and is working with local people and landowners throughout the River Went catchment to secure the future survival for one of the most significant water vole populations in West Yorkshire. In addition to this the project uses funding secured from the Environment Agency to carry out habitat restoration and creation schemes across the area to link up isolated water vole colonies and encourage the re-population of some of their old ranges.

Wider benefits

The work we carry out for water vole conservation will also benefit other wildlife, from amphibians like newts and frogs to insects and farmland birds. The project has wider benefits too... for example installing new way marking on sites across Featherstone to coincide with the publication of a new walks leaflet, as well as spreading the word about rivers and wetlands to as many local school children as possible.

Volunteering and training... get involved!

The project needs the help of the local community in order to meet its goals and over the duration of the project we will be putting together a new volunteer group that will be able to support the project in the following ways:

Superb water vole habitat!

  • Helping with practical habitat work such as, invasive weed control, scrub thinning and pond clean ups
  • Taking part in water vole survey training and survey raft building workshops
  • Carrying out surveys and identifying sites where water voles are in need of our help
  • Coming along to guided walks, open days and talks

This project offers a great opportunity for local people to get involved in the conservation of a very special and vulnerable species.  If you are interested in helping out the project with some of the things listed above or if you have information about a water vole colony in the River Went catchment that could use our help you should definitely contact us.

Read more about a day in the life of one of our River Ranger volunteers... click here


Think you may have seen a water vole? Need more information...? 

Go the bottom of this page to download your free Water Vole Fact Sheet.


Email Project Officer Nick Simms or call the Trust on 01904 659570.







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