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The Spurn Discovery Centre

The Spurn Discovery Centre is now open! Please visit our Spurn Nature Reserve page for more information.

We believe this gives the wildlife of Spurn a much brighter future and will ensure Spurn’s many visitors have a safe, informative and enjoyable experience for many years to come.

We would like to thank E.ON, our other partners and members of the public for supporting our proposal. We acknowledge that many people do not support the proposal and with our recently formed liaison group of site partners and representatives of the local community (see below), we are committed to try and find ways to work with everyone with a stake in the future of Spurn for the benefit of the site and its iconic wildlife.

Please take a virtual tour



Ground work is now underway for the new Spurn Discovery Centre

Please click here to view the Current Planned Schedule of Works

In Pictures: Construction progress to date

Working with the local community

Spurn Liaison Group

In granting their consent, the ERYC planning committee imposed 21 conditions on the Trust, among which was a requirement to set up a Liaison Group “with appropriate representatives from the local Parish Council, Ward Members, statutory consultees and local residents and local community/interest groups.” These members were to be “kept informed as the approved development progresses.” You can download minutes of the meetings below:

Site audit report - Considerate Contractors Scheme

To form part of our commitment to ensure that the new Spurn Discovery Centre is completed safely and to the right quality; Yorkshire Wildlife Trust in association with the Spurn Liaison Group requested for the appointed Principle Contractor, GEO Houlton & Sons Ltd, to register the site with the Considerate Contractors Scheme. View a copy of the first site audit report.

A safer Spurn that benefits everyone 

Read about our aims and vision for the new centre


  • Our preferred location, and why we’ve chosen it
  • The need for a visitor centre
  • How we’re managing the flood risk
  • The design for the new centre
  • Our duty of care to Spurn, its wildlife and visitors
  • The potential of tourism and benefits to the community




For more information or to further discuss these plans please email the Trust at