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Our Top 3 Froggy Questions

Wednesday 19th April 2017

FrogCredit Peter Shaw

Our ponds and freshwater habitats are just beginning to thrive and squirm with life again after the winter. It’s a fantastic opportunity to investigate the back garden or park to see if any frogs or newts have moved in...

Here are some answers to our top 3, most asked, froggy questions:

Why are there so many frogs in the pond!?

Don’t worry, there aren’t too many frogs in your pond! Large groups that have gathered to breed will naturally disperse on their own. Frogs believe in safety in numbers so it’s perfectly natural for there to be large groups.

Can I move frogs into the pond?

We don’t advise moving frogs into your pond from another as this could spread invasive plants or diseases. If there is habitat to provide shelter then frogs and newts will find their own way there in time -this could take up to two years. Good things come to those who wait…

Can I move frogs out of the pond?

If you urgently need to carry out work to a pond or habitat home to frogs then place any that you find in a tank or suitable container with a little bit of pond water and some vegetation. Once you have finished you can release them back where you found them.

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