List of YWT Nature Reserves (A-Z)


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Your Lasting Legacy

Without Gifts in Wills it would be impossible for us to look after and advocate for Yorkshire’s wildlife.

Gifts in wills are a hugely important part of our income, in some years contributing 25% of our non-grant income and never contributing less than 10%. This makes them absolutely essential, helping us fund our front line conservation work, look after 900 volunteers and inspire the next generation of naturalists through our education and events program. They also allow us to think big, for instance we used a Gift to match fund a grant from the European Fisheries Fund making our dreams of a dedicated classroom space at the Living Seas Centre a reality.

Each year many of our members and supporters decide they want to leave a legacy for wildlife and, after they’ve taken care of their families and friends, leave a gift in their Will to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. Will you join them?
Every gift, large or small, makes a huge difference. We promise you that any gift you can leave will be received with gratitude and used to look after wildlife and wild places throughout Yorkshire.

If you would like to talk to somebody about leaving a gift in complete confidence then please contact Jessica Thompson on 01904 659570 or email her at

Mrs Stella Richmond

Despite living in Nottinghamshire Stella Richmond was a member of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust for many years. “She, along with my late father, spent many happy holidays walking in Yorkshire,” explained Mrs Richmond’s daughter, Susan. “My mother was observant and had a wide knowledge of wildlife.”

It was these walking holidays in Yorkshire that first led Mrs Richmond to join the Trust as a member back in 1974 and her love of wildlife that led her to name Yorkshire Wildlife Trust  as a beneficiary in her Will, leaving the Trust a gift of £2,500. “She really enjoyed news of conservation work undertaken by the Trust.”

Thanks to Mrs Richmond’s generosity Yorkshire Wildlife Trust can continue to conserve, preserve and protect the landscape she enjoyed so much, ensuring future generations will get as much pleasure and happiness from the natural world as she did.

Dr Eva Crackles

A life long nature lover, Dr Eva Crackles was an active member of local naturalist societies including Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. A renowned botanist, Dr Crackles received an MBA in recognition of her services to conservation and her book, Flora of the East Riding of Yorkshire, is still considered a seminal work by botanists today.

Dr Crackles wanted to ensure that the landscape she loved would continue to be preserved and protected into the future and so she left a legacy to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, asking us to keep conserving land in the East Riding. Thanks to Dr Crackles’ generosity we have bought Snakeholme Pastures near Driffield. Located next to the West Beck, one of the best chalk stream habitats in the country, Snakeholme Pastures gives the Trust a fantastic opportunity to create wetland habitats around the river. Species likely to be seen on the habitat include water voles, otters, barn owls, kingfishers and brown trout.