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Your gift

Bee collecting pollen from a foxgolveYour Gift

Every Penny Counts

No matter what your reasons every penny counts

People like to leave a gift to charity for many reasons; to carry on supporting a charity they were close to in life, to support a charity they maybe can't afford to donate to at the moment; because they believe in the charity's work; because they want to make a difference.

Bequests to a charity are also free of inheritance tax and may reduce the amount of tax you pay.

You are under no obligation to let us know if you do decide to leave us a gift, however if you would like to be kept up to date with Trust news and events you may wish to do so.

Your Gift

Typically people choose one of three types of gift: 

  • Residuary – a gift of all or part of the net estate (what is left after all taxes, specific bequests and costs or expenses have been paid), expressed as a share or percentage e.g. a tenth or 10%
  • Pecuniary – a fixed sum of money e.g. £10,000, of course inflation can chip away at the value of a gift so if you do leave pecuniary bequests you may want to update your Will periodically
  • Specific – a gift of a specific item or asset e.g. a painting, jewellery, or shares.

If you would like to leave us land or to use your gift in a certain way please contact us first so that we can ensure that your wishes are within our remit.

You may attach specific conditions to a bequest, for example money is to be used for a certain purpose or within a specified period of time, however you should bear in mind that if the beneficiary cannot agree to the condition your gift may be declined. Alternatively you could express a ‘wish’ as to how the legacy is to be used, so the beneficiary is aware of your wishes but under no legal obligation to fulfil them.