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Where there's a Will there's a way

Swan and Cygnet - Credit Zsuzsanna Bird

Where there's a Will there's a way

Only you know how you would like to take care of your family and friends – but if you die without a valid Will (intestate) then the state will make that decision on your behalf. That’s why it’s important for you to not only have a Will but to ensure it’s updated after important life events, for example when you get married, or divorced or have children. And when you’ve taken care of your family and friends please consider leaving a gift to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. Gifts to charities are usually free of inheritance tax and can, in some situations, reduce the Inheritance Tax paid by your family. Your solicitor or qualified Will writer will be able to advise you further.

Writing your Will

Making a Will can seem daunting but a qualified practitioner will not only make the process easier but will ensure your Will is completely valid leaving no nasty surprises for your family and friends. If you don’t have a solicitor then the law society can help you find one in your area – visit or, if you would rather use a Will writer then make sure they are registered with a professional body such as the Society of Will Writers. It helps to have an idea of what you have to leave and to who before you start.


If you’ve already made your Will and would like to add Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to it then you may be able to use a Codicil. Codicils can be used for a minor alteration or addition to a Will, for instance to add a new executor or add a legacy to your Will. It must be witnessed, signed and dated just like your Will and kept with – not attached to – your existing Will. If you are considering a major change then it is advisable to rewrite your Will as a Codicil in this case could render it invalid. In all cases we strongly recommend you consult your solicitor.

Finding a Solicitor or Will writer

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust doesn’t endorse any particular solicitor or Will writer however the firms below have kindly offered to write simple Wills at a discount for our supporters:


Critchley Hall Solicitors of Leyburn have generously offered to donate their will-writing fee to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust for anybody using their services and wishing to leave a legacy to the Trust.

Critchey Hall Solicitors
The Office
Golden Lion Yard
North Yorkshire
 DL8 5AS

Tel: 01969 625 526


Gosschalks Solicitors are generously offering a 10% discount on Wills to any Yorkshire Wildlife Trust supporters.

Gosschalks Solicitors
Queens Garden

Tel: 01482 324252


Stuart Smith & Burnett Solicitors are generously offering a 10% discount on Wills  to any Yorkshire Wildlife Trust supporters.

Stuart Smith & Burnett Solicitors
16 Wellington Road
YO15 2BG

Tel: 01262 678128



(Please note that Yorkshire Wildlife Trust cannot endorse or recommend any particular firm of solicitors).