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Page of remembrance

This page is dedicated to those who have remembered Yorkshire Wildlife Trust in their Wills and those whose friends and families chose to commemorate their lives with a gift to us.

We are truly grateful; so much of our valuable work is funded through their generosity, from continuing to restore the ponds and meadows at Staveley Nature Reserve to buying and conserving land in the East Riding.

 Thank you

 In memory donations Legacies 
 Rev Dennis Moffatt  Stella Richmond 
 Paul Atkinson  Florence Eva Crackles
 Jean Hall  Isobel Mook
 Dr Michael Thompson  Audrey Monica Chadwick
 David Sean Porter  Dr Waters
 Richard Mountain  Barbara Glew
 Chris McKee  Francis Leslie Eastwood
 Ken Belk  Joyce Mary Mountain
 Ron and Myrtle Rising  Clive White
 Martin Hoyle  Barbara Denise Craig
 Kenneth William Brooks  Ruth Hannam
 Betty Knight  Norman Mennall
 Vera and Edward Hollis  Betty Lockwood
 Christopher Waud  Stephen Whitfield Harland
 Francis Leslie Eastwood  Edwin Clarke
 Joan Rosell  Irene Lillian Mackerness
 Mike O'Kane  Henry Owen Bunce
 Phil Postance  Dorothy Edith Haytonthwaite
 Evelyn Beanland  Kathleen Mary Cope
 David Lawrence  Patricia Joan Richardson
 Jack and Sheila Roberts  Lord Peter Hardy of Wath
 Muriel Atkin  Anne Wilkinson
 Colin Paul Metcalfe  Dr Michael Thompson
 Janine Sutcliffe  Hester Mary Atkinson
 Dr Peter Sibley  Joan Irene Johnson
 Dr Dennis Parker  Mrs M A Sheard
 Constance Lucy Good  Marjorie Leng
 Marian Trayner  Anne Golland
 Keith Bean  Valerie Philpott
 Mr Fox  Joan Powell
 Graham Frank Gregg  K Ivan Wright
 Geoffrey Alan Wardell  Frank Geoffrey Tunnard
 Leonard and Norma Clayton  Dot Greaves
 Arthur Tomlinson  Donald Stuart Hadwen
 Andrew Robert Anderson  Dr Francesca Mary Garforth
 David Rusted  Peter Bearfield
 David Lancaster  Martin Coles
 Rev. Professor David Pickwell  
 Bob and Jan Marriott  
 Mike Fisher  
 Leslie Shepherd  
 Janet Snow  
 Gerald and Peggy McGuire  
 Bryan & Hazel Flemming  
 Jeremy Gleeson  
 Jon Richards  
 Timothy McGill  
 Catherine Harrison  
 Lilias Byrn  
 Brian Coddington  
 Donald G Hodge  
 Dr Alan James Peel  
 Andrew White  
 Geoff Bowling  
 Susan Taylor  
 Arthur and Doris Weatherall  
 John Lee  
 Doris Butler  
 Jean Irene Macdonald  
 Sheila Metcalfe  
 Mollie and Geoff Firth  
 Andrew Booth  
 Keith Hawker  
 Alan Croft  
 Jamie Hardy  
 Helen Margaret Jackson  
 Michael Williamson  
 Graham Tissiman  
 Joyce Strefford  
 Martin Johnson  
 Pamela Okell  
 Paul Bryan  
 Liam Ross  
 Bobbie Beswick  
 Jack Singleton  
 John Benson  
 Roy Muir  
 Deirdre Farmer  
 Judy Dixon  
 Tom Chalmers  
 Mary Annetta Wright  
 Alan Swindell  
 Sue Nethercoat  
 Sarah Elizabeth Ray  
 Jack Clough  
 Ben Grasby  
 Ruth Angela Cox  
 Kathryn Stones  
 Peter Bullock  
 Cynthia Reed  
 Joan Anne Dalgish  
 Dave Tayler  


If you have made an in-memory donation to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust or a member of your family has left us a legacy which is not recorded here and you would like them to be then please email Jessica Thompson