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Yorkshire Peat Partnership

Yorkshire Peat Partnership (YPP) began in 2009 as an umbrella organisation comprising Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, Natural England, Environment Agency, North York Moors National Park Authority and Yorkshire Water.

The partnership receives support from Nidderdale AONB, National Trust, The Moorland Association, Pennine Prospects and Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust. YPP also works closely with landowners, agents, gamekeepers, farmers and contractors to help restore Yorkshire's internationally important peat bogs.The area YPP works in is vast and there is surveying, restoration and monitoring throughout the Yorkshire Dales National Park, Nidderdale AONB, North York Moors National Park and northern parts of the South Pennines.

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Why are we needed?

Peatlands are a unique and valuable habitat of which only 4% remain undamaged in the UK. Yorkshire alone contains nearly 70,000 hectares of upland peat almost all of which has been subject to drainage, wildfire, overgrazing or recreational pressure. These factors lower the water table and expose the peat to the erosive forces of water and wind.
Healthy peatlands sequester carbon but damaged peatlands become a carbon source through the release of CO2, dissolved organic carbon and particulate organic carbon. Peat entering watercourses affects drinking water quality and aquatic biodiversity. The species that inhabit peatlands are often specialised and unable to survive when conditions alter. Archaeology degrades as it is exposed by peat erosion and the upland landscape changes as underlying mineral is exposed and vegetation is unable to establish.
YPP can aid the recovery of peatlands through restoration work such as blocking drainage channels and revegetating bare peat.


Yorkshire Peat Partnership’s objective is to substantially increase the amount of peatland restoration activity in Yorkshire’s uplands through a combination of restoration, management and monitoring.
Through our work want to preserve the peat that remains and help to reinstate functioning, peat forming ecosystems. This will help restore the hydrological processes, increase biodiversity and reduce the amount of carbon loss.

Yorkshire Peat Partnership aims to collect vital information through our monitoring and research that may contribute to the development of peatland restoration science and guide future restoration techniques.

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