List of YWT Nature Reserves (A-Z)


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Yorkshire is rich in wildlife and wild spaces.

Here in Yorkshire we are incredibly fortunate to have a wealth of habitats, from dramatic moorland in the Yorkshire Dales to wildflower meadows in the Wolds; wherever you go you are sure to be within easy reach of green space.

Each of these habitats supports a great diversity of wildlife, from brown trout in the chalk streams to red kite hovering above the outskirts of Leeds. The links above give you a guide to some of the wildlife you can discover here in Yorkshire, as well in the wider countryside.

Wildlife isn't constrained to wild places, but can also thrive in your gardens and local parks, so it is important that we all play our part. To that extent we have tried to provide you with some advice as to how you can help wildlife on your patch.

You can read a monthly summary of wildlife sightings from the Yorkshire Coast written by the Yorkshire Coast Nature team here.