List of YWT Nature Reserves (A-Z)


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Wheldrake Ings National Nature Reserve

Big skies, often full of whirling flocks of birds, stretch out above you, which the wide green expanse of floodplain meadows go for as far as the eye can see. The Derwent flows quietly by, reeds rustle in the breeze and a mysterious 'plop' in the ditches might signal a pike, water vole or even otter. In fact, at times in the centre of Wheldrake Ings, it can be so peaceful and remote that you feel like the only person on earth.

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  • Mayfly at Wheldrake Ings
  • Windmill at Wheldrake Ings
  • Great burnet and meadow foxtails wave in the meadows
  • A snipe at Wheldrake ings
  • Otter tracks in the mud at Wheldrake Ings
  • Water at Wheldrake Ings