List of YWT Nature Reserves (A-Z)


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Current Recording Schemes

So many surveys, so little time!

We have many different survey schemes running throughout the year and we’re always looking for new people to get involved!

Breeding Bird Survey

Credit Amy Lewis

Location/s: Across Yorkshire Wildlife Trust nature reserves
Contact: Phillip Whelpdale
Dates: April – July
Who can take part: Anyone with a good knowledge of bird identification by sight and sound


The breeding bird survey has been running since 2006; to take part the surveyor is required to walk around a site recording all they hear and see, including various behaviours. From this data territories are mapped for each species.

Yorkshire Invasive Species Forum: Invasive Plant Surveys

Location/s: The Aire, Calder and Don River catchments. Yorkshire Invasive Species Forum
Dates: Preferably May – August, but some species can be recorded all year round
Who can take part: Anyone who can walk alongside their local watercourse


How could a pleasant summer stroll along the riverbank get even better? By helping track the whereabouts of invasive alien plants, that’s how!

Yorkshire Invasive Species Forum (led by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust) is carrying out a major programme of surveying for invasive non-native plants this summer in the Aire, Calder and Don River catchments, and we need your help! To get involved, you first need to get in touch with us to arrange a suitable stretch to survey. Then, the survey involves walking along the watercourse and logging any invasive plant species that you find. Simple! Help with identifying species will be given.

Yorkshire Red Kite Project

Location/s: Yorkshire Wide
Contact: Phillip Whelpdale
Dates: Year Round
Who Can Take Part: Anyone, just simply let us know where and when you see a red kite.


The Yorkshire Red Kite Project started in 1999 as a partnership project between the RSPB and Yorkshire Water, which was based at the Harewood Estate in West Yorkshire. A total of 70 birds were released but following the releases the volunteers involved in the project saw the need to monitor the population and in 2009 YWT became involved to provide support to them to ensure the monitoring could continue. In 2014 106 confirmed breeding pairs were located which collectively reared 171 young which confirms just how successful this conservation project has been. However it is still vitally important to monitor the population as it still faces some threats.

For more information visit the project website at


Location/s: Within Living Landscapes across Yorkshire
Contact: Phillip Whelpdale
Dates: Year Round
Who Can Take Part: Anyone, just simply sign up and start recording what you see along your walks


WildWalks is a new website which helps people to record their local wildlife. It has been developed by The Wildlife Trusts, in partnership with the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). click here to go to the WildWalks page for more information: