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Tide times at Spurn

Spurn wash-over (Credit YWT)Spurn wash-over (Credit YWT)

Spurn National Nature Reserve is now back open after its temporary closure.

The nature reserve was closed from noon on Thursday 12th January 2013 due to the forecasted strong winds and high spring tides. The tides over the 13th and 14th left us with a clean-up operation which has now been completed.

The reserve is now open to the public. The team looks forward to seeing you all soon. Please take note of the reserve’s safety information displayed on site upon your arrival.

Jutting out into the mouth of the Humber, Spurn is very much exposed to the elements. Visitors should be aware that there is a 1km 'washover' section of sand which is covered by water at high tide, effectively cutting the end of the peninsula off from the mainland, creating Yorkshire's first 'island'!

Strong currents and soft sand underfoot mean that it is very dangerous to enter the water over the washover section (marked in yellow) – please do not make any attempt to cross the wash-over until all the water has gone. Make sure you get the most out of your day by checking the tide times carefully before you go and pay close attention to the latest information on display once you get there.



Find tide times in the downloads section (underneath Reserve Information in the panel on the right) here: