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Filey Dams Wildlife Viewing Shelter Appeal

Filey Dams Nature Reserve Credit Jono LeadleyFiley Dams Nature Reserve Photo by Jono Leadley

Help us raise the funds to build a much-needed wildlife viewpoint and shelter at the wonderful Filey Dams nature reserve.

  • To make a donation online now, please click here to visit our Just Giving page

  • To donate by phone, please call 01904 659570

  • To donate by post, please send your cheque (payable to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust) to Filey Dams Wildlife Viewing Shelter Appeal, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, 1 St George's Place, York, YO24 1GN.

Together we can improve the outlook for all at wonderful wetland

The last remaining freshwater marsh of any size in the area, Filey Dams is a magnet for migratory birds and a haven for plants, small mammals and amphibians. Nestled on the western fringes of Filey, North Yorkshire, this quiet gem consists of large freshwater lagoons surrounded by marsh and grassland grazed with cattle.

A welcome retreat for both wildlife and visitors

Greenshank by Steve WilliamsRecent work to improve access and overall visitor experience has resulted in upgraded paths, wildlife information boards, and a new pond-dipping platform to connect young ones with an otherwise unseen underwater world. There is also lot of work going on to improve the wetland habitat for wading birds and ducks.

Beyond the sight of a wonderful array of waders and waterfowl, the fortunate visitor might spy a water vole, or hear them crunching their way through the soft stalks of water forget-me-not.

All three British species of newt occur here – smooth, palmate and great crested, the latter in nationally important numbers. Around dawn or dusk there’s a good chance of seeing a roe deer, fox or hunting barn owl.

Encouraging and enabling everyone to discover nature is a key part of our charitable work. Your support for this latest campaign will help us to do just that.

Funds raised by your generosity will release extra monies needed to install a new bright, open wildlife viewing shelter, perfect for inspiring the next generation about wildlife, and providing a fabulous vantage point and important shelter for everyone visiting. Imaginative interpretation will ensure all visitors can learn about wildlife the site's wildlife too.

Please show your support today:

Click here to visit our Just Giving page

Thank you from everyone at Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.