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Revival – a new future for the lower River Don

Revival of River DonRiver Revival

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is part of a new partnership tasked with ensuring the revival and flourishing of the lower River Don catchment.

Revival is:

  • Creating a better place for people and wildlife in the Lower Don
  • To get you involved
  • An investment for the future of the Lower Don
  • A collaborative partnership of organisations and community groups working towards the same goals
  • Safeguarding and protecting our heritage
  • A partnership focussed on delivery


Following a series of meetings and workshops led by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust in the 18 months prior to January 2012, a consensus developed to formally establish a partnership on the lower River Don catchment to deliver improvements for wildlife, people and water quality.  With a number of strategic initiatives currently ongoing in the area (Humberhead Levels Nature Improvement Area, South Yorkshire Local Nature Partnership, Don Network), it was agreed that this partnership (under the banner of Revival – a new future for the lower River Don), should concentrate on delivering actions to make this part of the river catchment a better place for all and somewhere that wildlife can thrive and navigate alongside (rather than in spite of) pressures including development, intensive farming and a changing climate.

This partnership work in a project area covering the river system from downstream of the confluence with the Dearne at Denaby.  This area incorporates the River Don to its confluence with the River Ouse at Goole, Ea Beck, River Went, the New Junction Canal and all minor tributaries, drains and ditches (and their surrounding land) within this area (see attached map).  The partnership will deliver benefits for wildlife and people under 4 main themes whilst fostering the relationship that local communities have with the River Don.  They are Biodiversity Enhancement, An Improved Aquatic Environment, Community Engagement & Education and Physical Access Improvement.

The Partnership currently comprises Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Environment Agency, Doncaster Council, Don Catchment Rivers Trust, Yorkshire Water, Natural England, JBA (on behalf of the Internal Drainage Boards), South Yorkshire Forest Partnership, Doncaster Naturalists, Canal & River Trust, Forestry Commission, The River Stewardship Company and Network Rail.  Funded by members of this partnership, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has been able to resource a Project Officer to co-ordinate the set-up and initial delivery of this process.  A Business Plan and Action Plan will be produced by the end of 2012 with a view to pushing ahead with co-ordinated project delivery into 2013 and beyond.


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