List of YWT Nature Reserves (A-Z)


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South Yorkshire Projects

Humberhead Levels Nature Improvement Area

One of twelve Nature Improvement Areas (NIAs) created by the government in 2012 the Humberhead Levels NIA is looking to create and restore key habitats in the area, achieve sustainable water management and deliver ecosystem services, as well as engage local communities. This is taking forward landscape scale delivery for the Humberhead Levels Partnership.

Under this partnership project, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust also lead on:

LapwingLapwings on your Doorstep

Carrying out habitat improvements at Potteric Carr Nature Reserve near Doncaster, to benefit a number of species including ground nesting birds.

Marbled white butterflyLinking Local Limestone

Magnesian limestone habitat has been recognised as a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) habitat. This project worked to enhance and restore the habitat on thirteen magnesian limestone sites in South Yorkshire.

Potteric Education

Potteric Carr Nature Reserve offers a rich variety of wildlife education programmes for community groups and all key stage levels from early years through to University level.

In addition the following education projects are also run from Potteric:


This partnership project is carrying out land management changes to benefit people and wildlife on the Lower Don.


In particular the Trust are leading on a fisheries project.


Marbled white butterfly

Boost For Barn Owls

The decline of the barn owl in the UK is well documented and has triggered a national effort to conserve this Species of European Conservation Concern. This project will aim to increase the range and population size of the barn owl in South and West Yorkshire by reinforcing the ecological network and connectivity of barn owls and the grasslands where they feed.

Drain TorneRiver Torne Catchment

The Torne Catchment Partnership is a partnership of key river users and communities, aiming to enable the promotion, protection and improvement of the water environment through a Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) and in doing so contribute to the governments Water Framework Directive targets.