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How players have helped support Yorkshire's people and wildlife

Bishopthorpe Scouts build a bug hotel Bishopthorpe Scouts build a bug hotel - Credit Joanna Richards

Support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery goes a long way to saving the special places in Yorkshire for wildlife and people. Below are just some of the examples where their support has been so important.

Inspiring the next generation of wildlife-lovers

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust launched a school’s programme for primary-aged children last year across four education centres in Doncaster, Flamborough, Huddersfield and Hull. This programme offers teachers and community group leaders a number of expert-led informative and interesting educational sessions on wildlife and our environment at an affordable price.

Environmental education is of upmost importance if our local wildlife and by association we, the human race, are to continue to thrive. Humans rely on the environment for a huge variety of essential services, such as clean water and pollination of food crops. Therefore it is crucial that the next generation understand and respect the environment we all take advantage of.

Without the support of players of People's Postcode Lottery, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust would not have been able to launch this programme, which inspires our younger generations about the world around them. Habitat exploration, wildlife gardening and marine litter are just some of the topics offered through the extensive programme.

Children who have already taken part have given the programme their thumbs up, loving the chance to get outdoors and explore. Following a visit to Potteric Carr, one teacher from Belton Primary School said about the programme: "Interactive, engaging learning for the children. Very knowledgeable, enthusiastic leaders."

The Trust hopes to further promote the programme so that more schools take advantage in the future. For more information visit

Wild About Yorkshire’s Wildlife

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust manages 97 nature reserves across the region, several of which receive high numbers of visitors eager to explore their local surroundings, learn more about the wildlife around them or simply unwind by taking a walk in a peaceful setting. All of them are inspiring places, with a huge variety across the sites including ancient woodland, wildflower meadows and wetlands teeming with birds just some of those out there.

Yet, currently many of these sites have inadequate signage, in some cases making them difficult to find, and in other cases difficult to find out more about. So that people can better enjoy these sites Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is working hard to make them more accessible and to make it easier to find out more about why they are important.

Thanks to support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery, the Trust has been able to start an information and signage project, with an initial focus on key sites. Potteric Carr Nature Reserve in Doncaster has had much of its signage updated as a result, with new bird identification boards in bird hides and new maps in production, to help guide visitors around the footpaths. This project is to continue with signage next to be created at the Trust’s first ever site, Askham Bog in York.

Good causes always winPeople's Postcode Lottery logo

To find out more about the charities supported by the players visit their website.