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River Torne Catchment Partnership

The Torne Catchment Partnership is a partnership of key river users and communities, aiming to enable the promotion, protection and improvement of the water environment through a Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) and in doing so contribute to the governments Water Framework Directive targets.


The Idle and Torne river catchment covers a wide geographic area, spanning multiple districts, 4 Counties and 2 regions. Due to the range of complex issues and competing priorities in the area, it seemed appropriate to split the catchment into two sub-catchments based on the two rivers. The Torne catchment partnership, is hosted by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, while the Idle, and is hosted by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust.

Starting near Sandbeck Hall in Maltby, South Yorkshire and reaching its confluence with the river Trent in Keadby, North Lincolnshire, the human story of the Torne spans almost four centuries; when, as far back as 1628, work began to re-engineer the river where it played a vital part in draining the land to increase its availability for agriculture and in effect, starting its long service in the aid of humanity’s social and economic development.

Today, the River Torne sub-Catchment covers a total of 520km2 and is a vital collection of water bodies that provide drainage and flood protection for industry, agriculture, homes and businesses across parts of South Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. This functionality is central to our vision for the catchment; serving as a mechanism to engage with this diverse range of stakeholders to provide education and raise awareness about the importance of effective water and water body management. To simplify measuring our catchment the Torne has been split into 12 smaller waterbodies. Splitting the catchment in this way makes it easier for us to monitor the quality of our rivers and prioritise work we can do to improve them for nature and people.

In order to address the water quality, hydro-morphological and biodiversity WFD failures; we are working with our key partners in to develop an integrated catchment plan. This integrated catchment plan will consist of two parts. Our vision document which communicates the partnership aims and the journey towards achieving its vision and our aspirational project document. Our Aspirational document will act as a project pipeline, ultimately it will be an effective way of allowing all members of the partnership to contribute projects that develop the catchment towards the partnership aims. A project idea from its beginning can be brought forward to the partnership and its progress tracked to completion eventually forming a portfolio for the Torne Catchment partnership as well as an active and aspirational document.

Our Aspirational project document will allow us to summaries projects by their main rational and ability to deliver WFD and multiple benefits as well as contribute towards the partnership aims.


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