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Watch puffins this spring at Flamborough Cliffs Nature Reserve

Monday 8th May 2017

Puffins in Love - Credit Lynne NewtonPuffins in Love - Credit Lynne Newton

The UK’s only mainland colony of puffins is returning for the breeding season – plan a trip to see them across May and June!

Join our Peering at Puffins events!

The hustle and bustle of a breeding seabird colony is truly something to behold. The sounds, smells and constant movement of birds engages all the senses and provides an unforgettable wildlife experience. Surprisingly you needn’t travel too far, as Yorkshire’s Flamborough Headland comes alive across May and June.

Of all the breeding seabirds you can see at Flamborough the enigmatic Atlantic puffin is arguably the most recognisable. And Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s Flamborough Cliffs Nature Reserve provides the perfect vantage point from which to watch the puffins.

Just by looking at them you’d immediately think puffins are quite the characters and you’d be correct in that assumption; their personalities certainly match their cheerful and cheeky demeanour. Spend a little time observing them and you will be captivated by their wonderful way of communicating with one another using calls and body language.   

Living Seas Centre Manager Anthony Hurd said: “A couple of behaviours to look out for include ‘billing’ where a male and female breeding pair will gently rub their beaks together. At the other end of the scale an aggressive behaviour is very obvious and begins with ‘gaping’ where the aggressor will open its beak very wide and puff itself out to appear bigger.”

For a little extra help in deciphering puffin behaviour you can take a walk along the cliff tops from North Landing beach on to the Trust’s Flamborough Cliffs Nature Reserve and join Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s expert volunteers. From 1 - 4pm on 28th May, 4th June and 11th June volunteers will be on hand to help you view the puffins and the many other breeding seabirds at Flamborough Cliffs Nature Reserve. These events are free of charge but are subject to the weather.

The Living Seas Centre at South Landing, Flamborough, is a wonderful place to pop in and learn more about the wildlife living on and off of Flamborough Headland. You can chat to the staff and volunteers, engage with the interactive displays and activities or enjoy a hot drink or ice cream. The centre is open from 10am – 5pm everyday.

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is one of the lucky recipients of money raised by players of the People’s Postcode Lottery, having to date been awarded over £1 million to help protect and restore Yorkshire’s wildlife. This money enables the Trust to continue managing over 100 valuable nature reserves such as Flamborough Cliffs for wildlife.

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