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Dawn Chorus Walk at South Landing, Flamborough

Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Song thrush (Credit Amy Lewis)Song thrush (Credit Amy Lewis)

It's an early start but worth it! Join us and Flamborough Bird Observatory as we celebrate International Dawn Chorus Day.

Celebrate International Dawn Chorus Day - book here!

Experience the wonders of your local wildlife first-hand and join Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and members of Flamborough Bird Observatory as we celebrate International Dawn Chorus Day with an early morning walk around South Landing on Sunday 7th May from 4am - 6:30am.

Defending territories, attracting mates, drawing battle lines… our dawn chorus is full of intrigue as well as variety! Join us from first light on Sunday morning to listen to the drama unfold. Different species kick off at different times, some launching into their repertoire before first light while others wait until the sun comes up, and we’ll be there for the full show.

Celebrated on the first Sunday of May, people all over the world will rise early on this special day to be greeted by the morning sun and enjoy nature’s daily miracle. Before starting the walk around South Landing, we will meet at Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s Living Seas Centre, where coffee and tea will be provided to help with the early start. Experts from both the Trust and Flamborough Bird Observatory will be on hand to sort the chiffchaffs from the chaffinches and the blackbirds from the song thrushes, this event will be fantastic fun!

If you are an early bird and want to come along celebrating International Dawn Chorus Day with us, please book here!

Find out more about International Dawn Chorus Day.

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