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Children become marine biologists for the day!

Thursday 20th April 2017

Marine biologists for the day (Credit Hull Children’s University) Marine biologists for the day (Credit Hull Children’s University)

An exciting new Children’s University partnership with the Living Sea Centre.

Find out what you can do at the Living Seas Centre!

Local charity, Hull Children’s University has expanded into the East Riding of Yorkshire and is currently working with five primary schools in Bridlington, to provide children with unique and exciting experiences to bring learning to life.

The charity has teamed up with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and the Living Sea Centre at Flamborough, to create a brand-new experience called ‘Marine Biologist for the day’. This enables children to gain a valuable insight to world of Marine Biology, and the work it involves. Recently pupils from Burlington Junior School took part in the day, where they found out about the different jobs Marine Biologists can do: from an Ichthyologist, or fish fanatic; a Marine Mammologist, or full time whale watcher; to a Conservation Scientist, or an environmental enthusiast, to name just a few of the roles.

The children took part in a fantastic range of activities from, ‘Waves of Waste’ where they searched the beach for litter and were amazed by how much they found. They could not believe how long it takes for plastic to decompose, and the harm litter can have upon marine life. They went rockpooling in search of marine life, and found a fantastic array of fish, various species of crabs, anemones and much more; then onto ‘Seashore Detectives’ in search of varieties of seaweed, shells, and fascinating rocks with holes in made by snails.

To finish the day, the children formed into teams and created their own natural beach art from seaweed, shells, drift wood and stones with superb results.

Lisa Whitton, East Riding Manager of Hull Children’s University said: “It’s fantastic to team up with the Living Seas Centre to create this exciting new module, which gives children an insight to a career as a Marine Biologist. Activities throughout the day highlight subject areas of science, maths and English learnt in school, and how these skills link to their future jobs. I feel we have brought learning to life for all of the children involved, who left the experience saying ‘it was the best day of their lives’.”

Anthony Hurd, Living Sea Centre Manager said: “Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s Living Seas team are delighted to be working with Hull and East Riding Children’s University on our Marine Biologist for the Day school session. We share Children’s University’s passion for inspiring future generations to pursue their dreams, and with such a beautiful and diverse coastline, there is no better place to become a Marine Biologist than right here in Yorkshire. Here at the Living Seas Centre our aim is to promote the fantastic wildlife we have along our shore and gain support for its long-term protection. Our day with Burlington Junior School has left us in no doubt that there is a new generation of young people fired up and passionate about their local environment.”


A Hull and East Riding Children’s University press release. For more information, please contact:

Lisa Whitton  East Riding Manager
01482 466045.


Hull Children’s University was founded by John Buttrick in June 1996. Being an inclusive organisation, we take full classes on our experiences, we currently work with 79% of primary schools in Hull. The initiative has grown in success; over the past 12 months we have taken 5,510 young people on experiences and worked with 88 young people via our looked after in care project. We are supported by 210 HCU volunteer mentors who strive to ensure the children gain the most from their Children’s University experiences.

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