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Superb Seashore Safaris at South Landing

Tuesday 14th February 2017

Seashore Safari (Credit Tom Marshall)Seashore Safari (Credit Tom Marshall)

Do you enjoy exploring the seashore? Do you have a sense for adventure and looking for something to do this half-term? How about rock pooling? The Living Seas Centre in Flamborough will be running family-friendly ‘Seashore Safaris.

Visit the Living Seas Centre this Half Term!

From anemones to crabs, the life on our shores shows a rich diversity and changes with the turn of every tide. But how many of our rock pool species can you name? Staff from the Living Seas Centre in Flamborough will help you learn about the key animals and seaweeds that make the rocky shore their home.

You will be taught how to put names to the things you see and where to look to find the more exciting wildlife on the shore. You will look under rocks and in crevices to search for crabs, stare into rock pools to observe little shrimps and carefully rummage underneath seaweed for snails. If you are brave enough you can learn how to safely hold a crab!

During a Seashore Safari with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust you will discover which animal has a bad temper and which seaweed you can find in your ice cream and toothpaste! And the best part is, the next time you explore the shore you can impart your new found knowledge to your friends and family.

Georgia, one of the Tomorrow’s Natural Leaders working at the Living Seas Centre, said: “Thanks to the Seashore Safaris, and my work here at the Living Seas Centre, I am now able to recognise an increasing number of the fascinating creatures you find on the shore. And I never stop learning! Every time we go down to the beach, I learn a new, amazing fact about our local marine life. And the more I learn, the more I want to know!”

If you would like to come along on one of our Seashore Safaris and find some amazing wildlife, please book online, upcoming dates include -

South Landing, Flamborough – Sun, 26/02/2017 - 10am – 12 noon
South Landing, Flamborough – Sun, 12/03/2017 - 10am – 12 noon

The Living Seas Centre at South Landing, Flamborough will be open from 10am – 4pm throughout February Half Term. Here you can enjoy a hot drink or ice cream whilst finding out about marine and coastal wildlife no matter the weather.

Written by Tomorrow’s Natural Leader Tahnee Gerlach

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