List of YWT Nature Reserves (A-Z)


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Flora of Allerthorpe

May LilyMay Lily - Jonathan Proud

Listed below are the plant communities of the main habitat types according to NVC classification:

Dry Heath (H9e)

Latin name Common name Comments
Calluna vulgaris Heather On those parts of the site that are dominated by Calluna all of the four growth stages of heather can be identified. Recorded 1988
Deschampsia flexousa Wavy hair grass Recorded 1988
Molinia caerulea Purple moor-grass Dominates the driest parts of the reserve. Recorded 1988
Calamagrostis epigeios Wood small-reed Recorded 1996 Derrick Boatman (DB)

Wet Heath (H2c)

Latin name Common name Comments
Calluna vulgaris Heather Recorded 1988
Ulex minor Dwarf gorse  
Erica tetralix Cross-leaved heath Recorded 1988

Mires (M29/M3)

Latin name Common name Comments
Hypericum elodes Marsh St John's-wort Found along the pond edges where water levels fluctuate. Recorded 1988
Potamogeton polygonifolius Bog pondweed May form a distinctive mat floating on the surface of the water or creeping in wet soil
Eriophorum angustifolium Common cotton-grass Typically found in natural hollows. Recorded 1988
Agrostis canina Velvet bent Recorded 1988

Tall Fen (U20)

Latin name Common name Comments
Pteridium aquilinum Bracken There are three dense patches of bracken on the reserve, all previously covered by trees
Galium saxatile Heath bedstraw Recorded 1988


Latin name Common name Comments
Potomogeten polygonifolius Bog weed Both ponds have good communities. Recorded 1988
Juncus bufonius Toad rush Found in the larger pond
Calamagrostis canescens Purple small-reed Found in the larger pond. Recorded 1988


Latin name Common name Comments
Betula pendula Silver birch There are two areas of birch woodland, each about 0.2 ha in extent. Recorded 1996 DB
Quercus robur Pedunculate oak Recorded 1988
Pteridium aquilinum Bracken  
Rubus fruticosus Blackberry Recorded 1999
Holcus lanatus Yorkshire-fog Recorded 1997

Acid grassland (U1e)

Latin name Common name Comments
Festuca ovina Sheep's-fescue Recorded 1988
Agrostis capillaris Common bent Recorded 1999
Rumex acetosella Sheep's sorrel Encouraged by heavy rabbit grazing. Recorded 1988
Galium saxatile Heath bedstraw Encouraged by heavy rabbit grazing. Recorded 1988
Potentilla erecta Tormentil Recorded 1988


Latin name Common name Comments
Ulex europeaus Gorse Recorded 1988
Populus tremula Aspen Occurs in one place on the reserve boundary. Recorded 1996 DB
Salix sp. Willow Grows to the periphery of both birch wood areas and on the margins of the marsh

Other Flowering Plants

Latin name Common name Comments
Achillea ptarmica Sneezewort Recorded 1996 DB
Agrostis stolonifera Creeping bent Recorded 1999
Agrostis vineale Brown bent Recorded 1988
Betula pubescens Downy birch Recorded 1988
Campanula rotundifolia Harebell Recorded 2002 Alan Tharratt (ANT)
Carex flacca Glaucous sedge Recorded 1996 DB
Carex panicea Carnation sedge Recorded 1988
Carex pilulifera Pill sedge Recorded 1996
Centaurium erythraea Common centaury Recorded 1996 DB
Ceratocapnos claviculata Climbing corydalis Recorded 1996
Chamaenerion angustifolium Narrowleaved fireweed Recorded 1988
Cirsium arvense Creeping thistle Recorded 1996 DB
Cirsium palustre Marsh thistle Recorded 1996 DB
Cirsium vulgare Spear thistle Recorded 1996 DB
Corydalis claviculata Climbing corydalis Recorded 2001 ANT
Conopodium majus Pignut Recorded 2003 ANT
Cytisus scoparius Broom Recorded 1996 DB
Erodium cicutarium Common stork's-bill Recorded 2002 ANT
Gentiana pneumonanthe Marsh gentian (Recorded in 1998 - now extinct)
Hieracium umbellatum Umbellate hawkweed Recorded 1996
Hyacinthoides non-scriptus Bluebell Recorded 2003 ANT
Hydrocotyle vulgaris Marsh pennywort Recorded 1988
Hypericum pulchrum Slender St. John's-wort Recorded 1996 DB
Juncus bulbosus Bulbous rush Recorded 1988
Juncus effusus Soft rush Recorded 1988
Juncus squarrosus Heath rush Recorded 1988
Lathyrus pratensis Meadow vetchling Recorded 1996 DB
Leontodon autumnalis Autumn hawkbit Recorded 1996 DB
Lotus corniculatus Common bird's-foot trefoil Recorded 1996 DB
Luzula campestris Field wood-rush Recorded 1988
Luzula multiflora Heath wood-rush Recorded 2003 ANT
Maianthemum bifolium May lily Recorded 2001 ANT
Nardus stricta Mat-grass Recorded 1996 DB
Pedicularis sylvatica Lousewort Recorded 1996
Polygala serpyllifolia Heath milkwort Recorded 1996
Potamogeton natans Broad-leaved pondweed Recorded 1996 DB
Potentilla palustris Marsh cinquefoil Recorded 1988
Ranunculus repens Creeping buttercup Recorded 1996 DB
Rubus idaeus Raspberry Recorded 2003 ANT
Rumex acetosa Common sorrel Recorded 1996 DB
Salix cinerea Grey willow Recorded 1999
Salix repens Creeping willow Recorded 1999
Sarothamnus scoparius Broom Recorded 1999
Spergularia rubra Sand spurrey Recorded 1998
Urtica dioica Common nettle Recorded 1996 DB
Veronica officinalis Heath speedwell Recorded 2002 ANT

Bryophytes (Mosses and liverworts)

Latin name Common name or description Comments
Calypogeia fissa Common pouchwort Recorded 1988
Campylopus introflexus Heath star moss Recorded 1988
Campylopus pyriformis Dwarf swan-neck moss Recorded 1988
Cephalozia divaricata a liverwort Recorded 1988
Cephaloziella divaricata Common threadwort Recorded 1988
Cephaloziella spp.   Recorded 1988
Ceratodon purpureus Scarce redshank Recorded 1988
Dicranum scoparium Broom Fork-moss Recorded 1988
Drepanocladus exannulatus Ringless hook-moss Recorded 1988
Drepanocladus uncinatus Sickle-leaved hook-moss Recorded 2003 ANT
Gymnoclea inflata   Recorded 1988
Hypnum cupressiforme Supine plait-moss Recorded 1999
Lepidozia setacea   Recorded 1988
Lophozia bidentata   Recorded 1988
Orthodontium lineare Cape thread-moss Recorded 1988
Pohlia nutans Nodding thread-moss Recorded 1988
Polytrichum commune Common haircap Recorded 1988
Polytrichum juniperinum Juniper haircap Recorded 1988
Sphagnum auriculatum Cow-horn bog-moss Recorded 1988
Sphagnum cuspidatum a bog moss Recorded 1988
Sphagnum recurvum Feathery bog-moss Recorded 1988
Cladonia fimbriata a lichen Recorded 1988
Cladonia portentosa a lichen Recorded 1988
Cladon. pix.   Recorded 1988