How nature can solve our social, economic and environmental problems

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Many of us understand that nature is integral to our health and wellbeing. Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is asking that the Government also recognises the role it plays in a healthy, happy population.

To do this the Trust has launched its vision, Natural Solutions, that calls on everyone to support a Nature and Wellbeing Act and the designation of Marine Protected Areas.

Take a look at Natural Solutions here or download a copy at the bottom of the page:


Our cause for concernMy Flood Defence - My Wild Life

Nature matters to all of us, but the loss of wildlife is continuing at an alarming pace. The State of Nature report revealed that 60% of the species studied have declined over recent decades.

This affects how our environment soaks up extreme rainfall, absorbs carbon and provides clean water. If affects the health of our soils, fish stocks and pollinators.

Act for Nature

My Pleasure - My Wildlife The Nature and Wellbeing Act Green Paper sets out compelling evidence which shows just how much people need nature.

This proposed piece of legislation could bring about the recovery of nature in a generation, for the benefit of people and wildlife. The proposals have been drafted by The Wildlife Trusts and the RSPB and are supported by partner organisations. 

This is a ‘Big Ask' and we know it may take some time – but if we don’t start asking, we won’t get the change that nature and people need.  

Save Yorkshire's Sea Life

My Classroom - My WildlifeWith your support we have been campaigning to protect the wonderful habitats and wildlife found in the North Sea. We are calling for a network of Marine Protected Areas.

Next year the Government will be launching a new public consultation for Marine Conservation Zones, three of which can be found in Yorkshire.

Show your support by becoming a 'Friend of Marine Conservation Zones' and also asking your local MP to sign the Marine Charter.

My Wild Life

We want to show Yorkshire's politicians how much everyone across Yorkshire values nature. Please tell us your story - this is your chance to show politicians why nature is important to you.

Whether it is enjoying a family walk in a wild place, a visit to the beach or tending to your veg patch, we want to hear how you value nature so that we can share it with Yorkshire’s future Members of Parliament and show why we need a new Nature and Wellbeing Act.

Simply take a photograph that shows you enjoying your Wild Life and send it to the Trust with a short description explaining why you value nature. You can email it to or if you use social media you can tweet it to us @YorksWildlife #MyWildLife or post it on the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s facebook wall

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