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National Marine Week 2017 29 July to 13 August

Each year The Wildlife Trusts celebrate the UK’s amazing sea animals and plants during National Marine Week. For 2017 in particular we are asking people to explore their relationship with the sea and take action to help our marine wildlife.

You may decide to simply spend time by the sea, enjoying a beach stroll, rockpooling or searching the strandline for hidden treasures; or maybe take part in one of the many marine-themed activities on offer; or even venture out into the amazing North Sea for a spot of whale (yes whale!) and dolphin watching. The marine world is quite literally your oyster!

Here's just a few ideas of how you can celebrate ‘The Sea and Me’:

Take your pick of the fabulous events taking place:

National Marine Week also offers the perfect opportunity to take action to help marine wildlife

What better time to remember that many aspects of our everyday lives have a negative effect on our seas?

Pledge to make a change

We’re asking you to pledge to make one (or more!) of these small changes for wildlife. Then please help us spread the word and share your pledge on social media using #TheSeaAndMe

Help us campaign for better marine protection

Support Yorkshire's recommended Marine Conservation Zones

Marine Conservation Zones are a type of protected area at sea where human activity is restricted to protect wildlife and habitats.

The Government is creating Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) a new type of Marine Protected Area (MPA) in the seas around England.

These ‘zones’ will allow sustainable use of the sea whilst protecting a range of species and habitats found in English waters from damaging activity.

How you can help

Read more about Marine Conservation Zones and our ambitions for Yorkshire. There is still a long way to go before we have an ecologically coherent network of marine protected areas so please continue to support our campaign by becoming a Friend of Marine Conservation Zones.

Want some more inspiration?

Go spotting!

Can't get to the coast or don't fancy getting wet?


You can even Explore the North Sea Floor!  Just click on the pictures below. (Top tip: explore the North Sea Floor works great on a desktop and compare the creatures is perfect if you are on the go and using a smartphone or tablet.)


Enjoy and Stay Safe!

Remember, whenever you visit the coast, make sure you don’t get caught out by the tides. Look for tide times on the website of a nearby marina, or call the local Tourist Information Centre or Coastguard to find out more. On the shore, avoid muddy areas and keep well away from the bottom of cliffs.

During some high tides, Spurn National Nature Reserve is transformed into Yorkshire’s only island. Please plan your visit by checking the tide times for Spurn on the reserve webpage and pay close attention to tide times and safety information displayed on site.