List of YWT Nature Reserves (A-Z)


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The Wildlife Trusts are working to transform the environment we live in...

We are restoring, recreating and reconnecting wildlife-rich spaces in rural and urban areas by working in partnership with local communities, landowners, schools and businesses. We want wildlife to thrive, to disperse and re-colonise our landscape so future generations can encounter, experience and enjoy our natural heritage. And so that we can too. 


What is a Living Landscape?

'A Living Landscape' is a recovery plan for nature championed by The Wildlife Trusts since 2006. It is a new way of thinking about how we manage land to do more for wildlife, people and the economy.

The Wildlife Trusts now have more than 100 Living Landscape schemes around the UK, where nature conservation work is helping to put wildlife back on the map outside our protected nature reserves and with the help of a wide range of partners and communities.

In a Living Landscape...

  • Everyone has access to wildlife-rich green spaces and can enjoy and be inspired by the natural world
  • Communities are benefitting fully from the fundamental services that healthy ecosystems provide
  • Wildlife is able to move freely through these landscapes and adapt to the effects of climate change
  • Whole landscapes and ecosystems have been restored
  • Wildlife is abundant and flourishing, both in the countryside and our towns and cities

Yorkshire's Living Landscapes

We are working towards a joined up Yorkshire, linking our nature reserves with areas of ecological importance through nature corridors, such as rivers, verges and hedgerows. You can find out more about our Living Landscapes by downloading the Yorkshire and Humber Living Landscapes report below, which indicates our priority areas and how these were selected. All of our conservation projects work towards improving Yorkshire's Living Landscapes.


FilenameFile size
'A Living Landscape' - our recovery plan for nature.pdf5.04 MB
Yorkshire and Humberside Living Landscapes1.38 MB